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Need space to explore your creative side?


Join our Art Studio Clay Membership Program

$150 per month! 

Come as many days per month you like during business hours 


What it includes

Membership includes:

-Use of studio clay area and glazing area
-Use of studio tools, containers and equipment
-Dedicated shelf for storage of supplies, personal tools and work in progress
-Use of studio glazes and clear overglaze, brushes and containers
-Kiln firing included for items created IN STUDIO with studio clay only.

Membership for ages 14 and up.       $150 monthly 

The first 10lbs of clay is included in membership.

Additional clay can be purchased. 

Laguna 103 (low fire white earthenware clay).   $45per bag / 25lbs.
BMix (midfire stoneware clay) $45 per bag / 25lbs. 

Members are required to respect studio tools, equipment and space.  Members are required to clean up any tools or area they use.  

If you would like to be considered for membership, please email, call or drop in the studio and ask for Erica




Clay Mugs
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